Classical Belly Dance

Under the Direction of Melanie LaJoie - Orlando's Master Belly Dance Instructor and Grand Dame of Belly Dance Orlando!  "Legend of New England Belly Dance" too!

Classical Belly Dance or Raks Sharqi (Dance of the Orient) has its roots in Egyptian and Lebanese styles incorporating folkloric dance - as it's a folkloric "dance of the Middle East." A Melanie LaJoie celebrates 50+ years of Classical Belly Dance "Raks Sharqi," Mid-East Folkloric Dances and Vintage "American Cabaret" Belly Dance performing and teaching internationally and nationally since 1972.  A MAGI World Belly Dance in Orlando has beginners through Professional Levels (see Calendar) and special guest workshops.

Class Prices for Classical Belly Dance are regularly $15/class or Class Card discounts.  Workshops are at other rates.

10-classes $125 valid for 6 months.  Instruction DVD & On-Demand Video Available