A MAGI Spring Classes, Special Workshops & SHOWS!

UPcoming  A  MAGI  Special Classes, Workshops, Shows! 

** 2/10/17  Spirit Psychic Fest - Psychic Readings, Henna tattoos, Zar "Spirit" Dance/Drum Beats  $10 each

** 2/11/17 Saturday Dragon Parade & Lunar New Year Show at Orlando Fashion Sq. Mall - Join us!  All Day FREE!!

** 2/18/17 Saturday  1-5pm  $40  ATS Intensive Workshop by Cat (American Tribal Style Belly Dance)

2/22/17 Tuesday 7-8pm VEIL & Wings Dance Workshop by Melanie!

** 3/26/17  JOIN A MAGI Troupes performing at UPTOWN ART EXPO - all day shows! Cranes Roost Altamonte Springs - FREE!


Check out our Calendar Section for our A MAGI Temple World Belly Dance Classes - the BEST and AWARD-WINNING (5!) IN ORLANDO!

Discount Class Card Purchases:  $90 for 10-classes or $100 with Melanie's Instructional DVD (Reg. $15); $50 for 5-classes or $60 with DVD.  Valid 6 months. Sign up for our enewsletter more $$$ Saving Class Card COUPONS!     Monthly Class Cards: $36 - 4/classes/month; $68 - 8/classes/month  (add $10 for Melanie's Instructional DVD).

To Book the best Belly Dance, World Dance, Psychics, Henna Artists, Snake Charmers and More Variety/Themed Park Entertainment, Email: amagiorlando@outlook.com

A MAGI Melanie's Solo Dance Performance: 8/20/16 Boston Diva Crown  https://www.facebook.com/cat.bruce1/videos/10208806269453160/