A MAGI Dance - Our Mission

Under the Direction of Melanie LaJoie

A MAGI's mission is to provide the best, most comprehensive, intensive training in authentic Mid-East Belly Dance, Folkloric, Fusion, Gypsie dance & World Dances.. This is not burlesque or strip-tease - we dance like goddesses & believe you can be one too!

Melanie LaJoie, A MAGI Director has devoted almost 50 years of life studying authentic Mid-East dance culture, specifically Classical Oriental Belly Dance: Egyptian, Lebanese, Raqs Sharki, plus tribal & folkloric styles, rhythms, percussions and furthered her studies to include dances of Indian (classical Temple & Bollywood), Gypsie dances (her heritage by maternal descent), and studied Exercise Physiology/Dance Medicine/Sports Injury /Kinesiology (U Mass.) & is a 4 times gold medallist in traditional Chinese Kung Fu (form & weaponry: staff & broadsword)..  A MAGI Melanie is an Adjunct Professor of Belly Dance/Aerobics and Zumba at Valencia College West Campus.

We teach you proper positions, correct posture & alignment & execution of movements, warm up exercises/yoga stretches, isolations (working on your core, abdominals/undulations, slow sensuous hip movements, faster Egyptian hip movements/articulations/combinations & traveling steps for a full cardio workout.  At A MAGI Temple, our atmosphere is welcoming to ALL!

We've heard from our students who say our classes are the best, with the best, attentive instructors who want you to learn, do well & feel good about yourselves while learning the REAL authentic art of this beautiful sensuous art/dance form.

Our classes are  ages 12 & up.  Email: amagi@amagibellydance.com